Industry property and real estate, in general, is two different things. Real estate is the land and all permanent improvement thereon including structures such as buildings, roads, open land and all other forms of development permanently attached. Real estate and construction industry have a wide range of activities in operation. gregory hills In general, business activity in the real estate and construction industry are as follows;

1. Acting on behalf of the owner in all matters concerning the maintenance and management of both houses, apartments, and other buildings.

2. The real estate industry actions to manage development projects and the development of improvement and maintenance of the building.

3. Engaged in the business of development and building by investing through subsidiaries.

4. Construction Business and real estate development and general trading.

5. rental housing, hotel, apartment with all the trimmings.

6. Running a business in the region following industry supporting the proposition, such as the construction of housing or apartment, office, construction and management of clean water installations, sewage, telephone, electricity and provision of sports and recreational facilities in the industry.

7. The development of the city which includes the development of residential areas and industry, development of infrastructure and public facilities, the provision of supporting services.

8. Development of real estate, golf and country club, office and trading.

Industry property consists of commercial property and non-commercial use. Inside the company, the property is divided into three parts, namely the tangible property, intangible property, and securities. Intangible property is divided into two parts, the real property that is a land development company and other buildings and personal property which includes machinery, equipment, fixtures and furniture, chattels, operational equipment and jewelry.

Intangible property includes goodwill, patents, franchises, trademarks, copyrights and proprietary processes. Property development and real estate industry today shows a very convincing growth. It is characterized by the proliferation of residential development, apartment, and office buildings as well as hospitality. In addition, the development of the property sector and real estate can be seen from the mushrooming real estate and in the big cities.