What is the construction of the building? It might be so confusing when you have to make answer such the question, except you had finished civil engineering studies which focus on studying the real estate and construction studies.

When we are talking about the building, it will be not complete without taking about the structure and construction of the building. Real estate agents mayfield The structure and construction are often mentioned in a study in architecture or civil engineering. Talking about the structure of the building will be relating to the parts that form the building such as foundations, walls, and the roof. In principle, the structural elements serve to support the existence of elements that include nonstructural elements such as interior and architectural detail that form a single integration. Every part of the building structure also has the function and the role of each. Another use of the building structure is to support the building load from the top of the building toward the bottom of the building, and then pass it to the ground. The design of the structure should ensure that the parts of the structure systems are able to allow the force of gravity and the load of the building, then support it to the ground safely.

On the other hands, construction can be defined as a combination of structural elements and nonstructural elements. In other words, the object of building construction is overall formed on centralized structures. The examples include the construction of buildings, bridges, and highways. Construction can also be defined as an activity to build the facilities and infrastructure so that it can be used for a particular purpose. Construction activity is not only a building, but also other activities related to the building process such as planning design, EIA studies, material supply, and supervision of construction projects. Usually, the construction works in the field carried out by construction workers, carpenters, brick masons and others who supervised the project foreman. Meanwhile, overall construction activity will be monitored regularly by the project manager, design engineer, or project architect.

So, it is clear that structure is a part of the construction. It means that the construction of the building is more a general matter which has a broader element in the real estate and construction field. When considering the building construction, you also need to prioritize the safety which is very vital in the real estate and construction in nowadays.